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Epoxy flooring solutions are fantastic for commercial use, not only does it look great but it also provides a durable and easy to clean solution to any commercial premises. We have never been so busy in providing stores a look that not only looks clean and cutting edge but even make’s the merchandise on the shelves stand out.

Polished concrete is also a great way to add a flooring finish to a store or mall, it not only stands out but it really brightens up any place. The technique to polish concrete requires special equipment that our team uses to not only seal it but give it that reflective look and shine.

Our epoxy and concrete polishing team cover stores as well as work in different industrial sectors. Some of the sectors we cover are as follows:


We work hard to deliver heavy duty screeds to protect floors against oil spills and tools being dropped. All the floors are designed for easy cleaning and are hard wearing with impact resistance.


Our flooring applications have been used many times in the aviation industry, we have supplied flooring for not only airports and hangers but aviation factories and military bases.


Epoxy flooring for pharmaceutical is perfect to meet the strictest regulations; the surfaces will not only be chemical resistant but provide a dust free finish that will prevent mold growth.

Public Sector

Our floor solutions have included refurbishments of areas that include fire stations, police buildings and warehouses. Screeds we use are hard wearing and are mixed and layered to give you the finish you desire.

As you can see we can cover every industry sector with pretty much any finish you require, if you have any questions then we suggest you call us to set up an appointment. Our flooring industry experts not only have a good grasp on the latest epoxy products on the market but they know what applications you will need to stay up to code and to regulation. They will give you different budget options and finishes to make sure the flooring is not only practical but attractive to look at.

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our services:

  • Acid staining
  • Colored concrete
  • Concrete coatings
  • Concrete overlays
  • Concrete polishing
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Microtoppings
  • Seamless floors
  • Stamped concrete


I was not sure what type of flooring I wanted for my retail shop, with the help of Pbtp Epoxy Flooring SD they helped me decided upon a fantastic polished concrete look that kept me in budget and the final look I wanted.

Kevin Lucas

As an Operations Manager of a electronics assembly line our epoxy flooring had to have certain requirements to meet safety standards, Pbtp Epoxy Flooring SD came through for us on all of them front. We have a great anti static non slip epoxy floor that not only looks great but meets code.

Thomas Francis

When my wife and I moved into our new house the garage floor needed some work, the concrete was chipped and uneven. Pbtp Epoxy Flooring SD not only gave us a great quote they added a new top layer of smooth concrete then applied a metallic flake epoxy resin that made the floor look so amazing and unique, I am so thankful I decided to use these guys.

Antonio Martinez